Yes, Dawson, I'm ready to step into my
Skinny Genes and lose those pounds forever!

I'm excited that I'm going to be getting all of this:

The Skinny Genes Course

Six Modules; Powerful, step-by-step lessons, demonstrations in audio, video, and written format delivered straight to your inbox and offering new concepts, methodologies, and ways of thinking with regard to food and your life overall. You'll also receive each week's lesson in downloadable PDF format to print and keep for a lifetime.

Week 1: Cravings

Kick all your cravings to the curb. You'll learn to shift your brain chemistry so you can look at ANY food and take it or leave it. You will also learn a secret trick to handle cravings discreetly in group situations.

Week 2: Naturally Thin Eating

Learn the secrets of naturally thin people and how to program your mind for automatic new behaviors. You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight ... as long as you follow a few simple rules.

Week 3: Self Sabotage

Put an end to your inner tug-of-war. Discover the limiting beliefs about your family, friends, and other significant people that can keep you stuck.

Week 4: End Emotional Eating

Learn how to neutralize stress immediately and stop a binge in its tracks! You will make peace with your inner saboteur and learn a daily routine that will re-program your mind to neutralize stress immediately.

Week 5: Exercise

Supercharge your motivation to exercise. Believe it or not, you will even learn to enjoy it. Your brain is wired for pleasure and you will learn to associate exercise with the pleasure of feeling good and looking good.

Week 6: Body Image

Get your sexy back with three simple steps. You will learn the key to improving your relationships with others and yourself, and increase your happiness and success by clearing your brain's hard drive of negative thoughts about your body.

Plus I'll get these bonuses:

  • Archive Recordings of Skinny Genes Coaching and Q&A calls - this is Brittany at her best! You get more than 20 of Brittany's coaching calls and recordings with actual clients. They work on a large variety of issues from childhood abuse to uncontrollable emotions, and you'll feel your own issues shift as you tap along with them - value... $497
  • The EFT Mini-Manual: An introduction to EFT/Tapping - value... $15
  • Six Weekly Case Study Interviews: Stick with the Top Losers - value... $47
  • Skinny Genes Guest Faculty Interviews: One each week of the course, with top experts in EFT, health, and weight loss - Dawson Church, Jessica Ortner, Ellen Steele, Norm Shealy, Peta Stapleton, and Joe Mercola! - value... $127
  • Extra Tapping Videos and Scripts for issues with sugar and sweets, red wine, salty foods - value... $47

You have a full 14-day no-questions-asked guarantee. If you don't have a breakthrough with your eating; if you don't have a transformation with your weight; if you don't change the way you experience your body...then we will refund your investment 100%. Just simply email us, no questions asked.

TOTAL VALUE... $733!

Your Price $197

"I felt like Thomas Edison with diets. When someone asked Thomas Edison if he was upset because over 900 times the light bulb he was trying to invent didn't work, he answered, "No, because I found the one way that it does work!" I feel like I have tried 900+ ways to lose weight. I am a champion at losing weight. I have been an abject failure at maintaining the weight loss. Brittany's program was that one more way and I am growing more confident that like Edison, I've found a way that will work. During the 6 weeks, I lost 15 lbs and did not feel deprived. Now 33 lbs are gone." - Sue Quarles (results may vary)

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